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I cam across a cassette of yours (OK I am old) ..I live outside Boston. I loved your music.. would love to hear you again.... do you still tour?

Please come to Austin!

You are super stars! We love you!

Been a long long time. Ever come out toward Cincinnati? We’ll find you a great venue! 💞

Hi to you both :-) It's been far too long since last seeing you perform at the Caffé Lena in Saratoga Springs for the Christmas themed show. I can say with all honesty that The Burns Sisters and fellow folk artist, Elaine Silver, have the absolute best voices in the music world. I hope to see you again and would love to hear you sing The King Is Gonna Fall and/or The Owl, just two of my all time favorites by you talented Sisters. Keep up the brilliant work and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas at home with family and friends :-) Sincerely, Ian Z.

Looking forward to hearing/seeing live performances again. Hope you will be near the Ohio area!! Best to all of you (and your brother, Bob, and his wife, Laura. I used to work with each of them at different times). Take care and may G-d bless your path. Vicki

I grew up in Ithaca, NY and saw you perform in various places over the years. Now I don't live nearby but would love to know if you come to my area. I play your music anytime I need to really get in touch with my own feelings. It's all there in your music. Thank you so much!

Danielle de Pazzis aka Mrs.O. ...Olshefski. I am sure that I had you in homeroom or as one of my student ? I am sure in homeroom at CCHS in Binghamton. Your father’name came up and I goggle you. OMG it has been so many years. I vividly remember how funny and delightful you were. What beautiful singing. Amazing. Love, Madame O

Love your music.

I saw you in concert at a little church in NJ about 25 years ago and have been a fan ever since. I would love to see you in concert again.

In 1998 I stayed in Houston for cancer treatment. A friend took me to an Irish Pub on my first night in Houston. Y’all were playing. I fell in love with your music and it helped me through a difficult time. Here we are!! Almost 20 years later. We have a juke box and my husband is playing your music. I would travel anywhere to let him hear you play. Anywhere we can dance. No matter how small the venue. Please let me know. Especially Portland, Maine. Love from Louisiana.

In This World has been a portal for me to so many people, places, and possibilities.

I would love to take my sister on your tour next year. We love your music and Kate Purcell's music. It looks like it would be a great trip. How many people usually go on your tour bus? We don't really like lots of people and the strict schedules. Regards, Mary

Just love you ... and miss you! vb

I see you have something scheduled for November 19, 2017 in Jamestown, NY. I will look into that but don't think I'll be able to make it - have young kids & no one to watch them. Any plans for either the Boston area or southern New Hampshire any time soon? So glad my husband introduced me to your lovely voices! Would love to see you - thank you!

Interested in keeping up with your events schedule.

Any plans to perform in the Boston area?

❤ saw you every time you were in TX or nearby at least! Please come back....I too still love a boy from San Antonio !

Last saw you perform 20 something years ago at a coffeehouse in a village somewhere east of Binghamton; can't recall the location exactly but it was a wonderful and intimate show with opportunities for a little conversation at the breaks. Now live on Block Island, and wonder if you would ever consider coming out here to play some music, perhaps at Conserfest.... -SR

We're heading back to Ireland again this August to County Clare and then the N.W., so never hurts to ask if you might be performing. Great seeing/listening to you here in Ithaca, but would be that much more over there, especially after your last CD. So if going do you have a schedule yet? Wayne & Kristi (old neighbors of Bruce) W

Would love to see your Columbia records reissued! Thank you for all the wonderful music.

Look forward to information!! Enjoyed seeing you perform yrs ago.!!!

Hello and Happy New Year! I have heard that there is a tour going to ?Ireland Fall of 2016and I would love to review details. Also, do you play anywhere in Florida soon? Cheers , Irene

Happy New Year to you and your family!

I saw you play in 1982

when are you coming to the west coast?

Always a pleasure to hear your voices, especially at the Hangar! Cheers!

Thoroughly enjoyed tonight's concert at the Hangar! Researching my own family history and would love to hear details of September travel to Ireland. Merry Christmas!

wondering if you are the ones who sing the song "songs we love" ?

Hi Annie, I didn't see an itinerary for for 2016 Ireland trip. Will you be spending time in Galway? Jim Graves Plant City, FL

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